Monday, March 5, 2012

out of order. from 2/27

Well this week as i said has been a little rough, everything that could fall through fell through! So many appointments have cancelled! The Adversary is working hard! That is alright though because he is no match for the Lord. But we are keeping our heads up because it is the same concept that came with the fall of adam as stated in 2 Nephi 2:23 "having no bjoy, for they knew no misery; doing no good, for they knew no csin." We wouldn't have noticed all the miracles that are going to happen this week if we would not have had the trial of our faith before hand. SO this week is going to be good we have a lot of appointments set up and ready to go and hopefully a few more to come. I am going to work like crazy this last week to ensure that i leave it all out there. bring nothing home!
On the Bright side we did teach one investigator that we were following up on with praying about the truth and baptism, and when i asked her about the answer she recieved about baptism she said " I Felt Awesome and i want to do it in the next month or two!" so that was really neat, those moments that you know that you are doing the right thing.
The rest of this week has just been crazy, we have been kicked out of our appartment for the past week, they are redoing our drywall because of the Hurricane which was 6months ago and they are just barely getting to it. At 830 everymorning they just walk into our appartment, we finally started locking the door so they can't get in until we answer the door.
That is really all to say about our week.


Well there isn't much to say about the week other than it has gone by pretty quick, extremely weird to think that it is over and i will never get the opportunity again to serve in this way, it has been one of the hardest thing that i have ever done very physically, mentally and spiritually demanding. But one of the most rewarding experiences ever, and the best thing that i have ever done. It has provided the opportunity for true conversion to take place and allow me to over come the natural man, the desires have changed and i am glad to say that i have become a saint through the atonement of Jesus Christ. Nothing else could have done this.
On the Work side of things i met my goal of leaving this area with Three investigators with Baptismal dates! All of them have set up this week. It was so good to see the spirit work inside these individuals. The teaching and finding has went done though, we don't know why but we know that we tried our best and have worked hard. Plus we have worked hard to set things up for the sisters to come in and split the area, i am sure that they will see success in this next transfer, we were very generous.
I am excited to see everyone in like 2 days!!!
LOve yall.

Monday, February 20, 2012


My week has flown past, it is crazy how fast time goes by i don't even remember half of the stuff that happened this past week. On Monday we went down town New Bern, it is a really neat historic town, we went to the place where pepsi was born. You won't believe what pepsi's nick name is "Brad's Drink" So i am going to have to get one of those shirts by the way.. But on Tuesday we had trainning, it was great but it really set things in place when i had to give my farewell testimony. Then i got to go with Elder Hintze on an exchange that was fun being we came out together and i am thinking about going to his homecoming talk, but then that would be taking me away from the family. Then we have just been running around with our heads cut off it feels like so much travel this week and trying to find new investigators, and trying to schedual appointments with potential investigators. Just Crazy. But the highlights is we found a family that is just a great family that really wants to get there kids in church and needs God, they are so nice and they invited us back this week so we are really excited for that and to be able to teach them. We have some really good potential in the next two weeks which will be good, that way i will be able to work really hard and give it my all up until the end.
Plus we have a lot of really good families that we are teaching, and i have a goal to leave here with three people lined up for baptism. Should be good.

Monday, February 13, 2012


Our week has flown by, we have just been so busy. We went on two exchanges so first i went to havelock and then to greenville. Then just lots of stuff going on with finding people to teach and teaching, Just helping others to come unto christ ya know. It went so fast i can't even remember what happened other than i met Dennis who is the Duck that i caught and i Met a Guy you went to High School with in Shelley, i also got my flight plans. And we had some great lessons with our investigators, we hope to have a few of them ready to be baptized the last week i am here there is alot of work here to be done and i really want to be the one to do it so i won't and am not letting up until they put me on an airplane.
So the neat thing is how crazy tomorrow is going to be, Being my last trainning i get to bear my testimony, also we get to present the training on Charity, then we have a leadership meeting right after with our district leaders, and after i will be interviewing a gentleman for baptism in Greenville while on an Exchange with Elder Hintze. So lots of good things, this week is going to fly as well.

Monday, February 6, 2012

week in a nut shell‏

I can't remember half of it!!

This week has flown by, it has been super busy. Everyday had something new in store and going on so it started with an exchange with the assistants, which was good i stayed in new Bern with Elder Wade. Then we went to Greenville to district meeting. We had a lot of teaching appointments with people who are willing to learn and we are just trying to help them over come there addictions and obsticals so it has been good. That and it is great to be busy, and that is what we are it is exhuasting you get home at night and just collaps onto your bed. And with the potential that we have now we should have atleast two more baptisms before i come home.It is so good to have something like that to look forward to and to work towards, it makes time go extremely fast though. and this week ended great with the Baptism of Bro Fox, and i got to confirm him which was neat, it was my first time confirming someone. Such a good week and it will just keep being good until the End.

Monday, January 30, 2012


Well what a weeks it has been, really crazy and busy. It is fun though already i love being a Zone Leader, just the fact that you are busy, and we get to serve the missionaries around us. So this week we saw President Cotterell 4 times, that was neat, First transfers, then interviews, then we had a meeting with the Stake Presidency and all the bishops and Ward mission leaders, then we had Zone Leader Council. So we haven't had an Opportunity to relax yet which is great Just go go go, one thing to the Next. So my companion is Elder Wightman from Rexburg, I like so far, i think this will be a great last transfer for me. we work extremely hard just leaving it all out there. Plus i like having a companion that works hard cause that is how i like to work. And New Bern is great the work is good, they had two baptisms last week and we set a baptism up for this saturday as well. So we are just going to keep finding new investigators. We have two others that we are working with one is really sad, It is like the same situation that we had with Kayla, and a member has taken her in for a little bit. She said it is the most support that she has ever had in her life, and this week she said she feels that the book of Mormon is true.. I know that the Gospel will change her life and she is starting to see it aswell. Also we have been teaching this girl who is staying with a member for a few months, she has a lot of questions and doesn't believe what we tell her a lot of the time, so on saturday we taught her and HOly Cow talk about a spiritual experience!! At first we were trying to teach the Plan of Salvation and we could not get past the earth life plus we had a lady there that was teaching all the wrong things so finally i was like you have got to read and pray about the book of Mormon. I bore my testimony and it was intense next thing you know is that the spirit was so strong and lead us to some very inspired questions and the spirit hit her so hard. Incredible and then she came to church the next day. The spirit and truth can change someone and can make a deep abiding impact it is amazing, I love it.
So now the funny story so we pull up to the street that we live on and it is blocked off lots of police officers and everybody else keeps pulling up so we cant get to our appartment. So we ask an officer what is up, he says there is a bomb threat!! Ha ha i feel safe at night now knowing my neighbors are insane or that there is a bomb threat in our neighborhood.
But over all our week has been great i love it and time is just going to fly by, working hard makes the days short.
Love yall,
Elder Phillips


Well it looks like my week hasn't been quite as eventful as yours, it looks like Noah sent the flood your way, but my week has been pretty good i can't complain at all. I have had a cold most of the week but that hasn't stopped us. So i am getting transferred and becoming a Zone Leader for my last transfer which will be good, it was completely unexpected. So i am leaving mebane, i enjoyed this area and i have most definitely left it stronger than it was when i came in. There is a lot of success in this area as of right now we have two investigators schedualed for baptism and two more that want to be baptized, they will set dates with them this week. So they should have atleast four baptisms in this area next transfer. We have a lot of solid investigators right now to work with, the Lord has blessed us with success and i know it is because i am worthy, obedient and willing to do what he asks. We have been teaching alot of people consistantly and the ward trusts us so there is nothing better.